Trinity River Expeditions offers canoe and kayak access to the natural areas along the Trinity River. Periodic high water events have discouraged building near the river, leaving thousands of acres in the floodplains as reservoirs for the flood water. These wooded and open natural areas shelter a variety of native plants and animal life and contain many other features like historic bridges and river crossings. Canoe travel is the easiest way to visit these areas and Trinity River Expeditions provides the equipment, transportation and information to set up your own river trip.


Rent a Canoe or Kayak

Take a Guided Trip

Shuttle for your own canoe



Trinity River - Over 100 river miles of canoe trips are available in the Upper Trinity Basin.

Elm Fork - Flows south of Lake Lewisville, trips 4 to 10 miles long on 29 river miles, Eagle Ford 
shale, 1891 Trinity Mills bridge, 1886 Keenan Bridge, 1849 California Crossing, diverse riparian - 
small lake habitat, dependable flow. 
Main Stem - Flows past downtown Dallas into the Great Trinity Forest, trips 5 to 10 miles long 
on 23 river miles, Eagle Ford shale, Upper Cretaceous limestone, Miller's Ferry, 1905 navigation 
lock and dam, dependable flow. 
West Fork - Flows from Ft. Worth to Dallas, trips 5 to 9 miles long on 44 river miles, Lower 
Cretaceous limestone, Woodbine sandstone, Eagle Ford shale, Randoll Mill site, Cross Timbers, 
small rapids and gravel bars, good birding. 


River Trips and Shuttles - Trips start at a meeting place near the selected river section. Boats, paddles, lifejackets, transportation to and from the river (the "shuttle"), and a river map are provided. The canoes are tandem (2 person) boats. The kayaks are solo (one person) boats.

Guided Canoe Trips - Guided canoe trips are held on the second Saturday of each month. Each monthly guided trip features a different section of the river system throughout the year. Canoes, paddles, lifejackets, shuttle and river guide are provided. The guide interprets historic features and natural history along the river. 

What to Expect 
The Trinity flows through steep banks, so you'll need old tennis shoes (not sandals) to carry, launch and land your canoe. Since the banks are steep, plan on staying in your boat the entire trip. Dress for the weather, including a cap or hat and sunscreen. Canoe trips are held rain or shine, so add a rain suit for wet weather. In cool weather, add layers of clothing until comfortable; modern synthetics work well without creating bulk. Bring a water bottle for every member of your group. While safety is a primary concern, river running still has inherent risks. All participants will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk/Release from Liability waiver. Equipment and services can be reserved by payment in advance. Reservations canceled 30 days or less before the reserved date are not refundable. No rain checks or weather related refunds.

The Trinity River rises in three principal branches: the East Fork, the Elm Fork, and the West Fork. A fourth headstream, shorter and smaller, is known as the Clear Fork...

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